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AxxonSoft Annual Conference


The annual AxxonSoft conference was held in Moscow, with employees attending from all over the world.

We have 50 branches and representative offices and more than 300 employees, so this was an excellent opportunity to get a feel for the size of the company and to personally communicate with colleagues from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Far East, Eastern and Western Europe, and North and South America.

At the event, awards were given out to the best projects, including:

  • Projects using video detection of fire and smoke. This technology was developed at AxxonSoft using artificial neural networks. Using video detection can be very beneficial at a number of sites (tunnels, large open spaces, etc.), since a relatively small investment significantly reduces the risk of loss from fire.
  • Forensic search in video archives. Using this feature for analyzing footage from CCTV cameras has made investigations proceed noticeably faster for the South Korean police force.
  • Projects to equip residential buildings and courtyards with video cameras. These projects were developed with leading Russian telecom operators. In particular, one project improved the crime detection rate by 40%.

Overall, the formal part of the conference was productive, and the entertainment was a lot of fun. Thank you to the organizers and everyone who attended!

Special thanks to those who participated in the talent contest. Once again, we witnessed the abundance of creative talent at AxxonSoft.