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Security system installed at Ukrainian port

Securing railway and port facilities is always difficult, and especially so in the case of intermodal transport. Theft and human-caused disturbances are a serious threat to transport operators, who must combat the threat of disappearance and misallocation of valuable resources. The Port of Yuzhny, working in collaboration with leading Ukrainian integrators, found the ideal solution for this and related security issues by installing a security system powered by the Axxon PSIM, complemented by the Rail PSIM module for recognition of rail car and tank car registration numbers. 

Our client

The Port of Yuzhny is located in southern Ukraine, on the northwest shore of the Black Sea (Small Adzhalyk Estuary). Located near Odessa, the port also neighbors Beregovaya rail station, which provides uninterrupted delivery and sending of cargo.

Modern loading equipment, well-developed rail infrastructure and highways, high capacity, and a skilled workforce make this location an easy choice for cargo shippers.


By dint of strategic location and status as an international transit hub, the Port of Yuzhny is key for both domestic and cross-border trade. Port administration was faced with the challenge of installing a security system. Maintaining high efficiency while simultaneously protecting cargo integrity were key requirements. Their security system needed to be advanced, with recognition of rail car numbers. At the same time, they knew that video surveillance infrastructure would also assist in the goal of preventing cargo theft and diversions.


The administration of the Port of Yuzhny held a tender to determine its choice of software platform and installer for the new system. Project requirements included:

  • Recognition and recording of rail car numbers
  • 360є video coverage of rail cars
  • Video retention of at least six months
  • Quick detection and logging of hazardous cargo and handling violations
  • Automation of rail car inspection in order to reduce room for human error/malfeasance
  • Improved personal security for rail car inspectors
  • Comprehensive information for investigation of safety violations

The winner of the tender was the multifunctional Axxon PSIM and Auto PSIM module for recognition of rail car and tank car numbers, both developed by AxxonSoft. Installation was performed by Digital Technologies SPE LLC.

Several factors contributed to the decision in favor of Axxon PSIM. PSIM-powered systems can:

  • Automatically track movements of trains and rail cars.
  • Monitor compliance with size and weight requirements for rail cargo.
  • Provide video coverage of railways, record video, and log passing trains.
  • Count the number of rail cars in a train.
  • Automatically recognize numbers on cargo cars and tank cars, based on video, in real time.
  • Measure the weight of rail cars using railway tensometer scales.
  • Record recognition data to a special database (log).
  • Provide quick, powerful search of logged trains/rail cars and cross-reference with video.


A total of 2 servers plus dedicated storage server were installed at the site. Axis IP cameras were chosen for their high image quality. To improve lighting conditions/visibility for video recording, special nighttime projectors were installed.

The installer, Digital Technologies, also developed a special module for counting rail cars. This feeds off of data provided by infrared and inductive sensors, which have been placed on rail paths in order to record train passings.

As a result, the Port of Yuzhny now has a professional, enterprise-class security system. The Axxon PSIM-powered system fully meets the client's requirements and has proven itself effective at preventing theft and other incidents.

Our partner

Digital Technologies SPE LLC specializes in creating comprehensive integrated security system. The company offers an ever-growing array of services in design, setup, and maintenance of security systems of all levels of complexity, in addition to selling hardware for access control, fire/security alarms, advanced video surveillance, and more. Digital Technologies professionals are at the forefront of the latest industry trends and technologies, making use of new solutions in all aspects of the business. As a result, the company has earned the trust of numerous state-owned enterprises and private businesses. Ukrainian rail companies, chemical and coal facilities, customs warehouse terminals, and malls with hundreds of channels of surveillance video.

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Jorge del Fresno, WAF (Parceiro AxxonSoft - Espanha)

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