Líder mundial no desenvolvimento de software VMS inteligente e PSIM
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AxxonSoft held a product training for its partners in Hungary


Alphasonic Ltd, AxxonSoft’s technological link to Hungary, held a one-day product training on 2 March.

The event brought value to all attendees. AxxonSoft experts started off with a presentation of AxxonSoft’s flagship products, the Axxon VMS 4 VMS and the Intellect Lite PSIM, for the representatives of resellers and installers. The ensuing Q&A session revolved around smart pricing and optimal specs for SMB solutions. Those interested in the practical details of AxxonSoft applications were given plenty of tips and hands-on hours to play with the software. At the end of the day, trainers and installers hammered out a generic approach to matching sites and solutions. This "feel" for the product and target applications was another key deliverable of the training.

We saw happy students who wanted to press ahead with advanced trainings! Alphasonic Ltd., the operator of the AxxonSoft competence center in Hungary, will not ignore such a pronounced demand for more opportunities to raise the level of expertise and enhance the skills of AxxonSoft value-added resellers, system integrators and installers.

"On the Hungarian security surveillance market, AxxonSoft is becoming more and more well-known, and people really like the reliability of AxxonSoft solutions in security projects",

- Kiril Kirov, leader of Alphasonic Ltd.