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New Drivers Pack version 3.2.5 available for download


An update for the Drivers Pack module, version 3.2.5, has been released. The module enables support for IP-videoservers and -cameras in AxxonSoft software. The new Drivers Pack can be installed in Axxon PSIM 4.8.2, Axxon PSIM Light and Axxon Smart PRO (Axxon Smart Start) 2.1.x products and does not require reinstalling the main software. The update enables support for the following 31 IP-devices:

  • ACTi KCM-5211
  • ACTi KCM-5311
  • ACTi KCM-7111
  • ACTi KCM-7211
  • Arlotto AR1500H
  • Axis P3346
  • Dynacolor nZH061 -V6A (NV062)
  • Etrovision EV8180F
  • eVidence Apix-10ZBox/M1
  • eVidence Apix-12ZDome/D1
  • eVidence Apix-36ZDome/D1
  • eVidence Apix-Box/M2 Lite
  • eVidence Apix-Dome/M2 Lite
  • eVidence Apix-MiniDome/M143
  • eVidence Apix-MiniDome/M2 Lite 40
  • eVidence Apix-VDome/M1 EXT 3312
  • FlexWatch FW-1173-DS-B
  • FlexWatch FW-1175-DS-C
  • Hikvision DS-2CD732F-E
  • Hikvision DS-2CD792PF-E
  • Hikvision DS-2CD832F-E
  • Hikvision DS-2DF1-614H
  • Infinova V6201-N0320
  • Messoa NDF821-HP5
  • Partizan ADF-14S DVR
  • Samsung SNP-5200
  • Samsung SNV-5080R
  • Samsung SNZ-5200
  • Samsung SPE-400
  • Vivotek IP8362
  • Vivotek MD7560D

You can download the Drivers Pack setup file from here.

Drivers Pack is an independent installation module that enables support for IP-equipment in AxxonSoft products. The module allows integrating new IP-equipment in a system based on AxxonSoft software without having to wait for an update of the main software or reinstalling it. To ensure proper functioning of the equipment we recommend using the drivers pack with the latest software version released.

This Drivers Pack is released independently and can be installed in Intellect 4.8.2 and Axxon Smart PRO 2.1.x software.