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Polon-Alfa integration module

The Polon-Alfa integration module allows sharing information about events and alarms between Polon 4000 alarm systems from Polon-Alfa and the Axxon PSIM for creating a unified integrated security system powered by AxxonSoft software.

The Polon-Alfa integration module connects Polon 4000 systems with ACFA PSIM, enabling monitoring and management. Hardware configuration is performed through Polon-Alfa software.

ACFA PSIM now includes integration support for Polon 4500 and Polon 4900 addressable fire alarm control panels.

Polon 4500 and 4900 devices provide fire protection and manage the fire suppression process at both large and small sites. The control panels also allow monitoring and managing fire protection devices (fire doors, smoke dampers, etc.) as well as sending real-time information to a monitoring station in both digital and analog form.

Here are just some of functionalities integrated:

  • Fire alarm restored, Fire alarm
  • Not activated, Activated
  • Reset, Confirmation, Message about damage
  • No connection